I have spoken at a range of conferences and events over the years.

I am slowly populating this page. For now you can see a partial list of talks at Slideshare

2020-07-06 Why is data collaboration important in 2020? (Northernlands 2)

A short session which I ran at the Northernlands 2 conference in July 2020 discussing forms of data collaboration.

2020-05-25 Comparing Open Data With Open Source (British Computer Society, Open Source Specialists)

Exploring the relationship and overlaps between open data and open source

2020-03-15 What is collaborative maintenance of data?

A talk delivered for a Royal Society workshop on collaborative maintenance of data

2017-06-23 How you (yes, you!) can contribute to open data (ODI Fridays)

Whether you’re interested in music or maps, comics or comets there are ways that we can all contribute directly to the creation of some unique open datasets. In this talk I’ll be exploring some of those projects to highlight their work, how they’re being used and thinking about what they can teach us about building a sustainable open data commons. Slides

2016-04-29 What does a good data market look like? (ODI Fridays)

Speaking on a panel during an ODI lunchtime lecture

2016-03-04 Being a Data Magpie (ODI Fridays)

Data doesn’t just exist on our phones and devices. It’s all around us – in the city, on signs, road markings and equipment – and it’s been there for some time. In this talk, ODI Senior Consultant Leigh Dodds will explain how to be a data magpie, and find small pieces of data that are shared – whether deliberately or accidentally – in our cities. Leigh will also explain how looking at data in its natural habitat can give us insights into our data infrastructure and what the future may bring. See also this blog post

2012-04-20 Data Foundations for Digital Cities (Open Data Cities, 20th April 2012)

A talk I gave at the Open Data Cities conference in Brighton, 2012. Slides

2012-02-29 Linked Data: turning the web into a context graph (Strataconf, 29th February 2012)

acebook’s Open Graph, Schema.org, and a recent scramble towards a “Rosetta Stone” for geodata, are all examples of a trend towards linking data across the web. Weaving data into the web simplifies data integration. Big Data offers ways to mine huge datasets for insight. Linked Data creates massively inter-connected datasets that can be mined or drawn upon to enrich queries and analysis. This talk will look at the concept of Linked Data and how a rapidly growing number of inter-connected databases, from a diverse range of sources, can be used to contextualise Big Data. Slides

2010-04-07 Web Integrated Data (Bathcamp, 7 April 2010)

A talk I gave at BathCamp about Linked Data. Slides

2002/2003 Introduction to Java 2 Programming

In Winter 2002/Spring 2003 I taught 2 10 week part-time courses in Java programming.