My curmudgeonly face

Leigh Dodds


It used to be that a homepage on the web was a good place to introduce yourself to people. But there's arguably better places to do that now.

For example, if you want to learn more about my professional career then of course, my LinkedIn profile, is best. I've worked as an engineer, product manager, programme manager, consultant, and CTO. The thing that ties all that together is a love of technology, learning, and the web. Open Data and Linked Data have both been strong recent themes in everything I've worked on. You can read more about my recent Open and Linked Data consulting projects on my consulting website.

If you're interested in what's been on my mind recently, then @ldodds is probably a good measure, as are my bookmarks. I'm still using Flickr too, but not as much as I used to. I don't know why.

In terms of creative output I guess github and my blog are the best starting points. I've been blogging in various ways since 1999, but not always consistently. These days I'm finding my blog is turning into more long-form essays, which means they tend to be less frequent. I've written for other places on the web too and I've pulled together a list. But, inevitably, it's out of date.

My musical taste is being catalogued and dissected for me by I've still yet to hit on a good way to do the same for books. Or food.

Probably the only other thing to tell you is that I'm based in Bath in the UK, which is a place I love.