This is a list of some of my personal projects. Its a mixture of code and ideas I’m tinkering with.

2021-03 OSM Queries

An openly licensed set of queries, and a complete tutorial, to help people use the OpenStreetMap Overpass API

2021-01 Bath Historical Images

A small open datasets of mostly public domain historical images of Bath and its surrounding area. More background in this blog post

2020-06 Full Fact API Ruby Client

A simple Ruby API for the alpha version of the Full Fact API

2018-12 West of England Combined Authority - Geospatial Browser

A customised version of TerriaJS for exploring geospatial data for the West of England Combined Authorities.

2017-09 A visual language for describing data flows

Exploring a visual vocabulary for describing data flows. Some further work in 2020

2014-09 You Know Nothing Jon Snoxw

Testing out using the OpenAir R package to analyse and present AirQuality data for Bath.

2013-04 Generate HTML documentation from SPARQL queries

A command-line tool for generating browsable HTML documentation from SPARL queries. More background


This project is an attempt to provide a mapping between the type hierarchy onto the icons provided by The Noun Project. The goal being to provide a default set of icons for representing things described using the vocabulary.

Archived projects

This is a list of much older projects that are unmaintained and likely to be broken.

I’m maintaining the list mostly as a reminder for myself but also in case they’re ever useful for historical reasons. The history of RSS 1.0 and FOAF have both had write-ups in Two Bit History recently.

My original list of FOAF related projects is still available.

2005-06 WITW Using GoogleMaps

Dynamically generating web maps using location data in FOAF files

2005-01 Twinkle: A Sparql Query Tool

A Java GUI for writing and running SPARQL queries. Version one was released in January 2005 and Version two in December 2007

2004-12 Slug: A Simple Semantic Web Crawler

A simple, modular web crawler for harvesting Linked Data. Originally released in December 2004 and updated in March 2006. The code is also on github. Originally used to crawl FOAF files, I later used this to harvest all of the BBC music, programmes and wildlife Linked Data.

2004-09 foaf-beans

Java library for working with FOAF data

2004-03 FOAF Blogroll Generator

An online tool to automatically generate a ‘blogroll’ based on FOAF data. Now offline

2003-09 MusicBrainz Java API

Java classes for interfacing with the MusicBrainz API. Initially released in September 2003 and updated in February 2005. I still occasionally hear from people interested in using this.

2003-07 Microsoft Office RDF Extractor

Java application to automatically extract the metadata embedded in Office documents and turn it into RDF.

2002-12 FOAF-a-Matic Mark 2

A GUI application for generating a FOAF file. Originally released in December 2002, it was updated in September 2003

2002-07 FOAF-a-Matic

A simple Javascript application for generating FOAF files. Originally released in July 2002. It was featured in a Guardian Online article by Ben Hammersely in January 2003. Over the period between 2003 and 2006 the tool was translated into 14 languages. Sir Tim Berners-Lee once emailed me with a feature request.

2000-10 RSS 1.0 Validator

Schematron based validator for RSS 1.0. Included an experimental online validator which is now offline

2000-07 RSS Validator

Schematron based validator for RSS 0.91.

1999 Quake 2 tools / Q2Java

In 1999/2000 I was playing with modding Quake 2, developing some Java tools for working with game files, tinkering with embedding a JVM into the engine and then later contributing to Q2Java which was an amazing piece of work by Barry Pederson to port most of the game logic into Java.