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Here is a list of the open source code and projects that I've released to the public. They're roughly listed in reverse chronological order so the most recent are first. If you're particularly interested in FOAF related projects then view my FOAF projects page

Where In The World using Google Maps

XSLT stylesheets that connect together geo-tagged metadata exposed by several services with Google Maps.

Twinkle: a SPARQL Query Tool

A Java GUI application that wraps the ARQL SPARQL query library for working with the SPARQL query language.

Slug: A Simple Semantic Web Crawler

A semantic web crawler implemented in Java.

FOAF Beans

A Java API for reading FOAF metadata

FOAF Blogroll generator

Simple JSP page that generates "blogrolls" for including into web pages. Supports both HTML and Javascript output

Outa the Way!

A bookmarklet for jumping directly to "print-friendly" pages on many websites, thereby avoiding the adverts

MusicBrainz API

A Java port of the MusicBrainz API

Advogato to FOAF Converter

Javascript + XSLT that converts an Advogato profile into FOAF.

MORE (Microsoft Office RDF Extractor)

Java code to extract RDF metadata from MS Office documents using the POI API.


Some simple "micro-utilities" that automated some common tasks. A Javascript bootloader generator, and an auto-discovery link generator


A "Little Language" for building project structures. Implemented using Ant and XSLT

Generating JSP Tag Library Documentation with XSLT

A stylesheet that will convert a JSP TLD file into HTML. Plus a "rich" version that allows for embedded HTML in the TLD file. Two separate transforms then convert this to a plain TLD plus HTML documentation.

FOAF-a-Matic Mark 2

A Java GUI application for creating and editing FOAF metadata. See this blog posting for links to latest beta.

FOAF-a-Matic: Describe yourself in RDF

A Javascript utility for generating FOAF metadata. Available in 12 different languages.

Tools for XML Deviants

Linked for posterity only as the code no longer works in latest Firefox/Mozilla browsers

RSS Validator

Online Schematron validators for RSS 0.9.1 and 1.0


Again, for posterity. The first bit of code I ever gave away was some utilities for working with Quake2 PAK files in Java. Basically a re-written and improved version of some Java code that John Carmack released. This lead to my getting involved in Q2Java around 1999/2000. My first real experience in contributing to open source applications.