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12th October 2005


2nd February 2005


6th January 2005


24th February


18th September

Instant Messaging Clients -- for reference

26th August

Some related notes on an essay/article I'm formulating. Will probably end up in the 'blog.



13th June


30th April


17th March

Bookmarklet; Bookmarklet Bootloader; Bookmarklet As Intermediary

26th January

Some notes on Little Languages. Here's a little language called Spooky for making project structures using Ant

20th December

First beta release of the FOAF-a-Matic Mark 2 is available. Currently it only handles creation of FOAF data so the import options aren't available. Thats next!

The intention for this beta is to gain feedback on the user interface and basic application. Should be better than looking at screen shots anyway!

16th December

Added FOAF-a-matic Mark 2 Change Log.

13th December

More notes in the FOAFaMaticMark2 page indicating my progress, couple of extra thoughts prompted by excellent feedback from rdfweb-dev amongst others, and some new screen shots. Beta code will be available Real Soon Now -- I really want to get the Friends data entry stuff completed first. Won't take long I promise...

Growing to like Thinlets more and more, and will probably be able to produce some helper classes for others work with the API, e.g. for dialog management, table data entry, etc. Thinking about writing a tutorial as well.

11th December

Added page for the FOAFaMaticMark2. A GUI FOAF editing tools built around the Thinlet framework.

9th December

I've been working with Java user interfaces a bit recently, taking a more detailed look at Swing than I have previously, and finding it a lot more pleasant experience than I remembered.

I've been building a scriptable user interface and application framework. ostensibly as a jumping off point for some day job utilities I'd like to build, but I'm thinking about open sourcing it instead. I'm quite pleased with how its progressing.

I've also been taking a closer look at the Thinlet framework which I quite like, but it has some quirks which I'd love to see ironed out. Here are some NotesOnThinlets (thanks to Danny Ayers for prompting me to write these up)

Note to self: should I switch to using SnipSnap?

12th September

Here's some work I did a while back on automatically Generating JSP Tag Library Documentation.

It bugs me slightly that none of the Java web application configuration formats (web.xml, JSP tag library descriptors, ejb-jar.xml, etc) use namespaces. If Sun caught up a bit with the XML world then we could freely mix together configuration options with documentation, etc.

RDF Data Mining

10th September

A list of XML Wikis

5th September

Finished tinkering with the CSS and reworking the pages. Thanks to Andrew May for helping me out with various CSS tips and particularly a hack using @import that stopped the site crashing Netscape 4.7 (it still looks ugly, but you can read it). And thanks to the Dulux paint catalogue for helping me choose a background colour. We're not painting the kitchen this colour after all, so I decided to use its (web safe) equivalent here.

Now to get on with some work, as well as rolling out the same page design across the rest of the site. Will probably use a combination of Ant and XSLT to manage the static portions.

29th August

A while back I posted a brief summary of an Architectural Forms discussion to XML-DEV. I've pulled that summary into this site, so I can expand on it and make it into a more fully-fledged article.

See: ArchitecturalForms

Nearly finished the page redesign for this site. Basically I've just refactored the JSPWiki JSP pages into chunks that I find more manageable, made them (hopefully) XHTML compliant, and altered the CSS styling. It's the latter I'm still tinkering with mostly.

btw, only I can post here, it's not a public Wiki, its a private notebook.

23rd August

I downloaded the Topologi Collaborative Markup Editor. Here are my notes about Hacking TME to add custom plugins.

21st August

Migrating content from personal Wiki into here shortly. Not sure whether to leave this as complete open access or restrict things in some way. I may try activating the RCSFileProvider.

Also need to tweak the layout of these pages so they look a bit nicer.

I did gather together a large amount of notes about Cocoon which I've actually donated to the CocoDocoWiki as a means to bootstrap that community. Seems to have worked.

Added the notes I took whilst at the XML Europe 2002 conference.

Start of a comparison of XML Pipeline Frameworks

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