• In what different ways can links be annotated to convey useful information to a user?
  • What different systems and/or techniques are available to build on?
  • How might a document be annotated with additional links?

Adaptive Navigation

From Adaptive Navigation we get:

  • directional guidance, e.g. "next", "previous". How is direction determined? Must it only be by the original author or publisher?
  • sorting of links, based on some measure of relevance? Its easy to extra links, but how does one specify their relevance, or the goal that one is working towards?
  • changing anchors, using symbols or colours to indicate their target (e.g. in-site, off-site) or again based on a measure of relevance
  • hiding or disabling or removing "non-relevant" links

Direct Link Annotation

  • Adding title attributes to anchors during authoring to add description/comments
  • Dynamically fetching information to populate title attributes, e.g. mattb's script on hackdiary fetches del.icio.us top tags for that page
  • popup menus triggered by mouse overs, hover, or link selection offer a richer means of annotating links


Snap Preview Anywhere, note: backlash

WebSnapr and Link Preview

See also Matt Webb on "taste", here, sampling the ends of a link.

Discussion of web previews on readwriteweb

Cooliris (browser plugin)

iReader from Syntactica uses text analysis to summarise a site. Review on readwriteweb


Click Tagging

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