Experimental Online RSS 1.0 Validator

This prototype is based around a Schematron schema for validating RSS 1.0. The schema is used to generate an XSLT stylesheet which performs the actual validation. In this version of the validator the validator produces a simple HTML report listing the errors, as well as copy of the original RSS 1.0 file.

URL of RSS 1.0 file:


This prototype is not meant for production use as yet, its a prototype for demonstration and testing purposes. The validator currently does not generate as nicely formatted a report as I would wish. This is due to limitations in the XSLT processor used by the W3C service. The prototype uses a slightly tweaked version of sch-report2.xsl which generates a tweaked validator

Beta Test Validator

This is a beta test of the next version of the validator. It has several bug fixes, and adds support for all of the core RSS modules, and the majority of the proposed modules. Not currently supported are the taxonomy and streaming modules. This will be added in due course.

Please send bug and/or experience reports to Leigh Dodds

URL of RSS 1.0 file:

You can grab a snapshot of the raw schema files.

Test Data

You can use the following links as test data: