Where In The World using Google Maps

A web service mash-up by Leigh Dodds. For a description of the hack see this blog entry.

Enter a WITW user name in the form below to be taken to a Google Maps view of their current location, including any nearby users and landmarks know to the WITW service. To find an example look at the public list of users.

When viewing a map, users are shown as green blobs, locations as red. When there is metadata available about a location its included in the map, so you can click through to descriptions.

The conversion from the WITW XML format to the Google Maps format is achieved with this stylesheet. The form about just targets a JSP that redirects the user to a URL that chains together the W3C XSLT service (to transform the XML) and the myGmaps.com proxy server to create a standalone GoogleMap displaying the users location.

GeoURL to GoogleMaps

Here's another stylesheet that converts GeoURL RSS feeds to GoogleMaps format