Twinkle: A SPARQL Query Tool

Twinkle is a simple GUI interface that wraps the ARQ SPARQL query engine. The tool should be useful both for people wanting to learn the SPARQL query language, as well as those doing Semantic Web development.

Twinkle was originally inspired by Elliotte Harold's XQuisitor which provides a simple GUI interface for playing with XQuery.



View some annotated screen shots on Flickr

To configure new data sources and prefixes, see etc/config.n3 in the distribution.

There are some sample SPARQL queries included in the distributon in the examples directory. There should be some for each of the pre-configured sources.


You'll need to have Java 1.5 or higher installed to use Twinkle. Download the distribution and unzip it into a new directory. Open a command-prompt and execute the following:

  java -jar twinkle.jar


Twinkle is distributed under the Gnu Public Licence.

Photo courtesy of Glen Bowman