Slug: Roadmap

This page contains some notes on the expected functionality that will be included in future iterations of Slug. Bear in mind that development is a part-time activity, with a priority set by what problems/features I either find interesting or necessary for my own projects.

Nagging is a good way to get features implemented. If I know someone is using the code, that's good motivation.

Of course an even better way to move things forward is to code it yourself and then share! If there's enough interest, perhaps the project can be moved to Sourceforge.

alpha-3 "The Behaviour Release"

Slug isn't very well behaved. It needs to:

The following additional features will be useful:

alpha-4 "For Control Freaks"

Slug needs to be easier to control. The Monitor component should be made pluggable to allow for a GUI or Web Application to be used to control the Scutter.

beta-1 "Testing, Testing"

Concentrate on additional unit and functional testing. Aim to have stabilised APIs, particular around the component model to aim for a stable 1.0 release.

Image courtesy of Elroy Serrao.